Tolga Turan & Özgül Turan

Once upon a time we started traveling. 
Along with a drive for exploration and our desire of moving away from city life, which makes us forget the meaningfulness of producing.

During our travels, we often came across modest artisans and examples of their genuine craftsmanship. We realized that many crafts most urbanites have not even heard of face the risk of disappearing altogether. In order to remind people like us who are unable to feel indifferent towards these dissolving values, we planted the seeds of our label CHIVIT and started sharing with a modern perspective.

Our passion for indigo drew us towards its translation in our part of the world, “çivit” blue. We chose to name the formation of our dreams “CHIVIT”, which signifies both the color of our initial instinct as well as a rare pigment source of the world.

We now produce handmade, timeless, bohemian designs that let our artisanship shine, all the while using completely natural and recyclable materials. Our wish is to include everybody in tales that they too may be part of with the joy of togetherness and sharing.

Welcome to our world…
Tolga Turan & Özgül Turan