Tuğba ÖZTÜRK & Hasan Can ÖZTÜRK

Tugba OZTURK & Hasan Can OZTURK

Tugba, one of the co-founders, had proven her interest in Arts by decorating her father's modest car with graffitis in her early ages.

It was not surprising to see her gazing for ages at the dance of colours in her paintings performed here and there at her house.

Along with her education on graphics design, her creations became more and more refined.

After her graduation, she took on the job as a graphic designer but her creations were subject to limits and boundaries. She had to free her mind.

Then came along her crazy soul mate Hasan Can, an adman.

One was drawing dark lines and the other was enlightening it..

They established their own company, "Atölye Pür".

Believing in the "pure and genuine", they are creating wooden goods for cozy environments. Answering the deep-rooted passion for wood, their customers can find the purest interpretations possible.

Atölye Pür cares for the nature by only chasing after the left overs of carpenters shops. As they say, "Aesthetics can not touch a product from which the Nature will take revenge!"

They continue their pure creations in their workshop in Istanbul.

Tuğba ÖZTÜRK & Hasan Can ÖZTÜRK