Archive Office


Design Office




Istanbul, Turkey


400 Sqm




The headquarters of Archive is located at Serdar-ı Ekrem, the most famous street of Galata, one of the most populous districts of İstanbul in the manner of historical and cultural diversity. The exclusivity of the office is, its being the first interactive architectural office in Turkey. As well as housing the architecture-interior architecture design and project, modeling, product design and the department of accounting offices, Archive has the nominal Italian solution partners and a gallery displaying the furnitures and the accesories of Archive+LAB product design department.

Another feature of resolving Archive an interactive office is the big coffee bar located in the enterance. Welcoming the clients in the entry, this coffee bar also functions as a boutique cafe. Having large meetings in this area as well is one of the multifunctional feautures of the bar.

The office has four main sections, two entries and 400 square meters area. Accesories, furniture, cafe-coffee bar and the office sections are designed for the clients’ and the personells’ easy usage. Purchasing department and the department of accounting takes part at the back, whereas architecture design- planning, product design and modeling departments and administration office is one within the gallery. The positioning is based on the philosophy to be feed by the sympathetic relations with people.

The gallery area is divided into to sections as accesories and furniture sections. The accesories section is at the second entry, and it has a passage with the furniture section. The furniture section is designed accordingly to circulation, for the fact that hosting periodic parties, events and exhibitions.

In the architectual of the office, not having the dividers and having the high ceilings enables the feeling of width to spread throughout the place. The classic frames on the main walls refer to the common marks of the European architecture in Galata. Inspired by the modern architecture and the simplicity, the dominated color in decoration of the office is petrol gray, which is the corporate color of Archive. The main reason of this choice, as well as putting forward the exhibited product, is a radical referring to the corporate id of the company.

Serving since 2012, while Archive and Archive+LAB has been studying in this interactive office, it offers an extraordinary architecture office-gallery experience to its clients and visitors.