Bussola Hotel






İstanbul, Turkey


1.075 Sqm


Private Owner



Bussola Hotel is located in Beyoglu, Tünel, that has been the center of Istanbul with its cultural and historical wealth and is a building that has been completed in the begginings of 20th century. The architectural frame of Beyoğlu, which is the most cosmopolitan region of Istanbul, is based on the process of European impact from the 18th century. With the accelerated growth rate in the 20th century, the garden houses yielded for the modern high flats. In this period, on the front lines of the buildings are implemented by Art Nouveau genre. The building of Bussola Hotel that is positioned is one of the buildings of that period.

The interior design and the planning of the hotel is signatured by Archive+LAB, and it is going to be completed in the second period of 2015. “ The motive of the protecting the existant” is the design motto of the hotel, and is inspired by the legend in Greek myth, the sculpture Pymalion who has fallen in love with the work of art of its own. The building, that arouses one with the feeling of admiration with its high flats, handling ceilings and perfect wooden carvings, drags the designer to fit a brave self architectural spirit.

The based design idea to protect the existant of the building’s architectural spirit, is carried out with the synthesized forms of the themed 19th century French architectual and the modern materials of the Art Nouveau movement. As a primary color for the design, off-white is seen which is coherent with the base color of the building. Another color for the 48 roomed boutique hotel is the cobalt blue, produced specially for Bussola Hotel. While adding an intensity to the venue, there are some radical refferings for the dynamic administration philosophy.

The most remarkable architectual component between the reception and the loby in the entrance is the interactive wall which is located at the back of the display. The walls are formed by the edits of the vintage luggages, the old Istanbul maps and the old hotel room keys, which increases the warmth of the venue. The lounge next to the reception is formed with the off-white jambs and sticks and with the cobalt blue fabric covering walls. The restored historical fireplace is a striking component of the lounge. The handiworks and the sculpturings on the ceilings exposes as it is after the essential renovations. The ground is formed by the usage of two different Italian marbles, which is designed in the pattern for Bussalo Hotel. The pattern’s design came out the word meaning compass in Italian and also named after the word “bussalo”.

In three different typed rooms, there has the same architectual wordings.Inside the rooms that is abided by the classical forms and as already implied the 20th French architectual, a balanced harmony is provided between the old and new by using the modern materials. On the room ground the same pattern of the lounge is applied, however this time while in the entrance and bathrooms are formed by solid wood and marble, in the area with the bed this pattern is formed as the carpet. While the wide-range colors of the rooms are dominated by the off-white shades, the cobalt blue fabric shell which starts from the beggining of the bedside to the opposite wall and unites on the ground again, is another component to increase the energy of the room. By the forming of the fixed furnitures with the slatted glass is a reference to harmony of the modern and classical style.

The lounge- restaurant section is located at the terrace, with the Leb-i Derya view, is designed with the sliding policarbonate materials. The pass between the restaurant and the lounge is provided by the stairs because of the grade. In the entrance of the lounge there is a bookshelf, designed by Archive+LAB. The bookcase, because of the increase of the grade, turns into a vin while passing to the restaurant. The six meters high custom made marble bar, is a remarkable element of the terrace.

All of the furnitures and the lightings are provided by Archive+LAB product design and team, and Italian solution partners of Archive.