Gym & Tonic


Sports Facility




stanbul, Turkey


260 Sqm


Private Owner



Gym&Tonic is located in one of the most popular and elegant neighbourhood of Istanbul, Nişantaşı,“Atiye Sokak”. The brand is created to bring out a new concept for the boutique gym, and also presents an elegant gym experience rather than the other ordinary gyms. Gym&Tonic, with its extraordinary design, and with serving for their clients the boutique and luxurious conception, is a pioneer leading role among all the gym studios.

For the layout and the planning, done by Archive+LAB, Gym&Tonic is designed with the perception of the classical English architectural post modern sense. In the gym, there is created a wide and roomy atmosphere, located in high and fine building, with the accurate lightings and the coherent combination of wood and bronze shades to white shades.

In the two floored project, the ground floor consists of; reception, juice bar, cardio and weight equipments, and studio areas. The divided and the scattered perspective of the wall module behind the special production marble reception desk, is refering to the essential dynamic and motion facts of a gym. Another component that gives the venue a sense of dynamism is the angled ceiling, starting from the entrance, and continuing breakingly till the weight equipments area. Using the bronze mirror instead of a plane mirror echos the boutique and elegancy philosophy in the cardio and weight equipments area. In the same area, the special production of layered ceiling with its sticks on the last layer has the marks of the classical English architecture.

The access to the studio is through the glass-slide door with the engraved combination of the corporate logo of Gym&Tonic. The studio is designed suitable to different activites and the strongest architectural component to identify this studio is the assymetric wooden shell. Designed with a organic bamboo plate material, this shell helps to get rid of the cliche gym studio feeling and warms up the venue.

The basement, located with the men’s and women’s locker rooms, serve their clients an elegant experience with the materials and the architectural details. Sloping bronze mirrors, special product lockers, assymetrical ceiling fabrics, and the special product lavatory units are the prominent details of this floor. The custom made bronze jet nozzles, functioning as air-conditioning, are the most remarkable details in Gym&Tonic.