Sun Plaza


Business Center




İstanbul, Turkey


550 Sqm


Sun Plaza



Sun Plaza is the leader business tower of Turkey with it’s unsurpassed construction safety quality, innovative vision, wide and spacious lobby and common areas and high-technology systems serving since 2005. The lobby and common areas interior design, renovated by Archive+LAB in 2014, is inspired by deconstructivism movement and parametric lines. Sticking to the main principles of parametric architecture, Archive+LAB, redesigned an innovative, new and warm interior which drawns from stereotype business center designs by the synthesis of high-technology production methods of different materials as glass, wood, natural stone, planting elements and metal with high quality craftsmanship.

Designed and executed by Archive+LAB, the common areas and lobby plan in Sun Plaza makes its print as the far most innovative project in its field for Turkish interior architecture with its detailed plans, harmony of the materials, construction technology and the emphasis given to sustainability, nature and green architecture.

Encouraged by the Plaza management’s progressive vision and sensibility towards nature, the entrance facade is accompanied by a vertical garden, which is a pioneering design for office building interiors. The stand out of the project is the entrance facade completed by the tropical garden, which identifies the synergy of the entrance and the asymmetric-parametric forms of the native wood canopy. Massive plant islet designed by parametric forms integrates with the vertical garden and conveys sustainable green architecture to the entire building.

Asymmetric forehead laced to the core of the building, which defines the turnstile area conveys the medium of the architectural transition between the exploded stone, which exist from the beginning to curved forms of the native wood veneer. Diagonal glass skin which wraparound the core is inserted during the renovation and showcases the harmony of the former and recent materials. Diagonal glass railings that exist both sides of the core and the mezzanine level of the lobby conveys the glass skin’s continuity to the lateral facade. The other architectural element that emphasizes the former and recent reference of the materials is the new skin that covers the cassette structure of the ceiling.

Reception area splits from the floor and come into focus by escalating. The area, consist of a parametric formed reception desk and a wood separation that works in contrary forms stands in the VIP area which is under the asymmetric forehead.

On the lateral facade, same curved-parametric lines of the glass skin turns into a native wood one and the skin becoming slimmer at the lobby and mezzanine level surrounds the elevator halls evokes the feeling of continuity. Elevator and stair exit doors are being defined by the parametric forms of travertine doorjambs and separated from the hall walls.