ARCHIVE+LAB - design office- Established in 2014 by Çağla Daş , Güven Yalın and Kutay Yorulmaz is a design office that evolves itself wıth a contemporary approach to the tendencies and principles of modern architecture. The mission is to leave footprints worldwide with ever expanding creativity and experience by integrating their passion for form, function, detail and material. Approaching design by all means , blending multiple diciplines, the aim is to create innovative, new, clever , brave yet functional forms and places that surround us.

Archive- lab consist of architecture, contract architectural project , product design, modelling, constructıon and procurement departments worked together until today to built many projects such as office buldings, restaurants, hotels, gyms and retail stores. Inspired by every form and idea around it, archive+lab , continues it’s works in Galata office /showroom, creating architectural projects and design products.